Why the Scale Isn't Moving

I get it. The fitness industry is a tricky place to navigate. Every time we turn our heads it seems like there is a new "miracle diet." Far too often I see people trying diet after diet after diet trying to lose weight, and they never seem to get any results. This is because people are looking for a quick fix, and trying whatever diet they saw in the closest magazine at the grocery store checkout.

So what if we stopped chasing the quick fix? What if we had the patience to use the tools that are proven to work? We would likely see a lot more success stories.

Things the fitness industry tells you will help you lose weight:

- A 1200 calorie diet

- Detox Teas

- Celery Juice

- Hours of Cardio

- HIIT workouts

- A magic potion a fake doctor came up with

What is actually going to help you lose weight:

- Prioritizing Sleep

- Resistance Training

- Cardio in proper doses

- Fueling your body with nutrient dense foods

- A calorie deficit that is calculated for YOU

- Drinking enough water

- Patience because weight loss takes time

- A coach if these things seem too overwhelming

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. It takes patience. But its worth it. I bet if you stopped spending your money on the next quick fix, and spent your money on nutrient dense foods and a gym membership, you would see far greater results.

Resistance train at the gym. If you don't know how, hire a training or a find a friend to help you.

Eat whole, nutrient dense foods. If you don't know how to cook, there are TONS of healthy recipes online, and great easy options at the grocery store.

Prioritize your sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in your health. A lack of sleep not only reduces recovery rates from the gym, but can actually increase your hunger hormones, making it even harder to stick to your diet.

Be patient. A healthy weight loss goal can range anywhere from 0.5 lbs to 2 lbs of weight loss per week, depending on where you are starting and how much you have to lose. DO NOT EXPECT TO LOSE 30 POUND IN A MONTH. If something is promising you this, RUN FAR AWAY. This is not healthy and should not be expected. Real weight loss takes time.

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